Born and raised  in Toronto,  I became  interested in art from an very young age.  My  passion for art, however, was put on the hold while I earned a degree in Marketing Management at Ryerson University  and pursued a career in Information Technology.  I  rediscovered my artistic side  about 4  years ago, while seeking a hobby that would provide a sense  of peace and tranquility, away from a busy career and household.  Inspired to create through a wonderful group of students at the Avenue Road Art school, I have  now taken a step to publicly  exhibiting my work and will continue to seek out  interesting  subject matter  by exploring  my surroundings and translating them onto canvas.

 I focus in bright colours on  large sized canvases and  I  love using bold colours and contrast to capture beautiful snapshots of objects.  I hope my work will evoke a joyful response  to all viewers and convey my general sense of optimism for life.